The word shampoo itself comes from "shampo", which in Hindi means "massage", "rub". Due to the fact that India was an English colony until the mid-twentieth century, it is not surprising that the first European product designed for washing hair, appeared there. In Europe, by the end of the 19th century, only soap was known to leave white plaque on the hair. But at the end of the 19th century in London something happened that was destined to become a starting point in the history of shampoo, and since then the soap story has ceased to be anonymous. The invention of shampoo is linked to the name of an Englishman, Casey Herbert. His shampoo was dry powder - a mixture of soap powder and grass. It was called Shaempoo powder. It is quite possible that the plant component was nothing more than a powder from the pods of Acacia Shikakai. However, this company did not have proper commercial success, the powder composition did not remain a secret for a long time. And soon, here and there, London hairdressers in barbershops and pharmacists in the cosmetics departments of their own pharmacies began to sell the same bags of dry powder Shampoo.

In Elle Mae we decided to create beauty products that have even more natural components, but with all the qualities of the old formula. Except the vegetable oils which already present in our exceptional and luxury treatment line, we also added Karanja oil, straight from India. The antioxidant properties of this 100% natural essence protect hair color from the negative effects of repeated shampooing and UV rays. Grapefruit, Acore and Shiso have replaced the synthetic preservatives used until now, making the Silk Serum mask care with an entirely natural conservation system. The result: hair is soft, shiny and above all easy to style, whether dry or wet. These essential elements are used in the composition of all hair care products. The advantage here is that our natural products offer a multitude of benefits for all hair types and are able to relieve all hair and scalp problems, helping to heal, nourish, and regenerate.

We also use the therapeutic virtues of snail slime which have been known for more than 60 years, it is really only during the last decades that its soothing and healing properties have been the subject of in-depth studies. The secret behind this miraculous mucus, naturally secreted by snails to protect themselves on the one hand, but also to facilitate healing on the other, lies mainly in its exceptional composition.