Lasting Nutrition Avocado Mask

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Nourishing & Fortifying Avocado for dry hair prone too breakage. Deeply Nourishes and Strengthens hair fibres from root top tip, to promote healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.


Lasting Nutrition Avocado Mask

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Nourishing & Fortifying Avocado for dry hair prone too breakage. Deeply Nourishes and Strengthens hair fibres from root top tip, to promote healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

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    At Ella Mae, our hair care products are based on natural ingredients. They all offer optimal benefits and help to promote beautiful hair. Avocado oil originates from central America, and its oil is derived from the pulp of this delicious fruit. It can not only be eaten, but it’s compatible with the skin and hair. We invite you to discover its benefits here.

    How Avocado Benefits Your Hair
    In the 13​ th​ century, avocados were known to the Aztecs. They would use the fruit on their skin and hair. Explorers of the New World were fascinated by the fruit, and it slowly became known around the world.

    The fruit of the avocado tree has an oil content of almost 30%. That is very rich, but the oil is also monounsaturated making it a healthy oil to eat. This is the reason why it is also readily absorbed by the skin and hair.

    Extremely rich in nutrients, when pressed avocado oil only loses its vitamin C content. However, when cold-pressed, it retains all its other nutrients and vitamins. These include potassium, lecithin, beta carotene, and vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E. Avocado also contains palmitic acid which softens the hair
    without leaving it greasy. Its palmitoleic acid content promotes shine and growth. It also contains stearic acid which helps to balance oily hair.

    Rich in omega 3, 6, and 9, avocado helps eliminate dandruff, moisturizes, and gives the hair suppleness.

    One of the most fantastic things about avocado oil is its molecules. They are so small they can penetrate the hair shaft. Once it enters, it seals in moisture keeping your hair hydrated. Its antioxidant properties also help prevent environmental damage, including UV damage.

    In haircare, avocado oil straightens and softens the hair, while it also hydrates and nourishes. It helps stimulate the hair follicles and not only discourages hair loss but promotes healthier growth. Above all, it also protects the hair from various forms of environmental stress.

    The Benefits of Avocado: 6 Fabulous Actions of its Nutrients and Vitamins
    This unique chemical composition makes avocado oil a salve and antioxidant for your hair. These are its 6 actions that help keep your hair nourished, soft and radiant.

    1. Moisture and hydration
    Because avocado oil is a monosaturated fat and high in oleic acid, it can penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize it from within. The fats work to
    strengthen the hair from within, without weighing the hair down by coating it on top. These fats make the hair stronger and prevent it from breaking.

    2. Works on all hair types
    Whether you have hair with high, medium, or low porosity, your avocado-based hair care product will effectively penetrate it. It is also a great oil for fine and dense hair because it works equally well on both.

    If you suffer from frizzy hair, avocado oil is the ideal nourisher to tame it. Avocado oil smooths and conditions your strands so it is easier to detangle your hair, and preventing damage as you try to comb tangled hair.

    3. A healthier scalp
    People with a dry scalp know how irritating it can be. Avocado oil works equally well in balancing the moisture of the scalp because it can easily penetrate the skin to reach the dermis. Additionally, it offers its moisture to relieve the scalp from irritations.

    4. No more dandruff
    Dandruff is another irritating condition of the scalp. The flaky skin is either caused by skin dryness or psoriasis, and avocado oil is a great addition to hair care products because it helps alleviate the unsightly flakiness.

    5. Environmental protection
    The vitamin E content of avocado oil soothes the hair from any environmental factors that cause it irritation. It also helps repair any UV damage and offers your hair protection from the sun’s rays.

    6. Vitamin D promotes hair growth and flexibility
    Vitamin D is the magic ingredient for hair growth. It helps to generate new hair follicles which encourages hair growth, However, it also helps to maintain hair healthy and strong. If you feel you have been treating your hair badly by overbrushing or tying it too tight, then avocado oil is there to protect it. It prevents your hair from getting brittle, making it more flexible and less prone to breakage.