One of the most beneficial oils for dull, dry, and difficult hair is argan oil. The oils from the fruit of the Argan tree have been used by women in North Africa to enrich their beauty routines for centuries. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and even though they live near the harshest desert in the world, their beautiful skin and hair are proof that this is a powerful ingredient. If you are tired of trying to tame your difficult, dry, and lackluster hair, then read on and find out about the benefits of this dynamic oil. 

Also known as “liquid gold”, argan oil is a miracle oil that can work wonders for your hair. Let’s look at some of its properties and how they help you to always have a good hair day, whatever your hair type, and whatever treatments you bombard it with. 

The argan tree has been around for millions of years but is a finicky tree. As the popularity of its fruit has grown, people have tried to cultivate it across the world. Not much luck there though, these trees insist on growing on a narrow strip of semi-desert and the mountains on the Atlantic coast of Africa. More specifically in southwestern Morocco and into a small area of southwestern Algeria. 
For the local communities, argan oil is an important source of income. Besides its beauty benefits to the skin and hair, it is also used as a source of food. Argan trees form a natural barrier in the region, holding back the prevailing desert. These trees can live for over 200 years and provide their precious fruits that can solve many beauty problems. 
Drought resistant, the trees can be dormant for a while before sprouting their leaves and olive-like fruit after a season of good rains. The peel and pulp are bitter, much like the olive, but beneath it lies the pip that hides the precious nut that argan oil is pressed from. 
Collecting the fruit from the tree and getting to the seed is an extremely labor-intensive exercise. Pickers need to do this carefully and ensure the nut is not damaged so that a top-quality oil can be extracted. 
Packed with essential fatty acids, argan oil is full of nutrients that help moisturize the hair and scalp, ensuring that you never have to wake up to a bad hair day again. The most prolific fatty acids found in argan oil are oleic and linoleic acids and they also protect against mild hair loss and promote elasticity. Elasticity ensures that your hair does not break as you comb or style it, no matter how stubbornly curly, or dry it is. 

Argan oil is also rich in Vitamin E which fights dryness by depositing a moisturizing layer to the hair and scalp. Your hair shine is boosted and hair fizziness is tamed, ensuring that you have a stunning head of hair between washing and styling days. 

The fatty acid content in argan oil prevents hair damage from regular washing and styling but also reduces the formation of split hairs. An end to split ends means that your hair always looks healthy and well-conditioned. Argan oil products give your har a thicker and healthier appearance, just what you have always desired. 

If you love to experiment with hair color, you know that hair dyes are usually the biggest culprits that cause hair dryness. Continuous styling with hot air and straighteners also causes your hair to split. Argan Oil has proven to be a wonderful addition to shampoos and conditioners that help to protect your hair from the after-effects of coloring and styling. 

As the time approaches for you to take your summer holiday, argan oil products help to protect your hair from the effects of the sun and free radicals. Free radicals are around us all year round and your hair is exposed to pollution and ultraviolet rays even during the winter. 

Many skin conditions often extend to the scalp and can cause itchiness and hair loss. Argan oil has both anti-inflammatory properties and is an effective antioxidant. If you suffer from common conditions of the scalp like psoriasis and dermatitis, it helps relieve it. It also helps minimize dandruff, caused by a yeast-like fungus. 

For your locks to always look at their best, then hair products with argan oil are what you need. These include hair oils, shampoos, masks, and protective sprays - it is up to you to decide which products you prefer. Its nourishing ingredients will leave your hair moisturized and it will feel softer, more manageable, frizz-free, and shiny - no matter how often you color, wash, or style it. 

Look out for authentic argan oil products. It has a rich golden hue and is never pale, while its texture is thick and smooth, not watery. If you want your hair to benefit from its powerful properties then make sure that in shampoos and conditioners, argan oil is listed as one of the basic ingredients. 

Pure argan oil has a nutty aroma, at varying levels. If you are buying an argan oil that has no aroma, it’s probably not genuine. It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive hair care ranges, but if you want the benefits of argan oil, make sure that argan oil is the first ingredient listed on the label! 

Argan oil hair products are ideal for all hair types. If you want to restore your hair to its former glory, improve its elasticity, reinstate its shine, and achieve fullness, then give your hair back what has been taken out of it with argan based haircare products.